Name → Callum Bright
Age 37
Species → Meta Human
Sexuality →Up to player
Ability → Psychic Shield
Meaning → The power to be immune or highly resistant to all psychic penetration. A psychic equivalent to Invulnerability
Weakness → The ability does not protect the user from physical abilities.

The role of Callum Bright is Open

Past →

Callum was brought up in London, England by two very closed minded parents. In their views, anything that wasn’t their version of perfect had to be destroyed. This is why when Callum was six and his genetic lock broke, he hid it from them with whatever way he could think of. He thought that hiding an inactive ability would be easy but when the ability manifested, the shield expanded and knocked out everyone that was within a one mile radius of him. He was scared and alone and because of this, he ran to a place he knew he would be safe, his school. He stayed there over night, flinching at any sounds that he could here in fear of his parents finding him and his secret. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to stay there forever and so the next day he returned home, scared and jumpy. Whenever his mother would walk past him, he would be shaken to the core that she would find out about his ability. Ten years had passed and when Callum was sixteen, his parents found out about his ability. They had noticed that Callum had been acting out of sorts and so when he was at school one day, they had gone up into his room and searched through his internet history. They found websites about Meta Humans and people gifted with abilities and so they put two and two together and got four. They wanted to make sure that their son was a Meta Human and so they acted in a way that Callum never thought they would. They went out and hunted down a Meta Human so test their sons abilities. After nearly six months of looking, they found a Meta Human, Alana,  with the gift of telepathy and they kidnapped her and took her back to their home where Callum was waiting. When his parents arrived home with Alana, Callum was shocked and also very scared that they would end up destroying not just the Meta Human but also their son. His mother, Ellie, ordered the Meta to read Callum’s mind but because of Callum’s ability, Alana was locked out of his head. Callum didn’t understand what was going on but the next thing he saw was his father, Mark, put a loaded gun up to Alana’s temple. Callum thought that her life was over but within a few seconds, his parents had been thrown through the lounge wall and the Meta Human had grabbed Callum and teleported them both out of there.

When they arrived at their location, Callum knew straight away where they were, New York City. He also knew just how a Meta Human could have two abilities and so he didn’t bother her with those questions. Now that he was away from his parents, Callum life changed for the better. He started attending high school without the fear of being found out as a Meta Human, he made a group of friends that loved him even though they didn’t know of his secret and he had a loving parent who looked out for him. After he had been living with Alana for a year, the adoption was finally legalized and Alana became the soul parent of Callum. In his eyes, it didn’t matter that she hadn’t given birth to him, all that mattered was that in the year they had been together, she had treated and loved him better then his own parents had in the sixteen years that he had been alive. When it came to his ability, he was trained by Alana to not only control it but also to unlock the wonderful things it could do. In time Callum learnt to expand his shield to a point where he could cover a mile with it and protect everyone inside it. Because of his past, he found it hard to be proud of what he had and he saw it as a curse at first but after much advising from Alana, he managed to turn his views on it around and see it as a gift, something wonderful. Twenty years later and Callum was now working as a cashier at the local Apple store while studying at City University of New York for a teacher’s degree.   This hadn’t been the path that he would of seen himself on when he was sixteen but thanks to Alana, he knew that teaching would help not only himself but also the children that he taught. He wanted to become somewhat of a Mentor to the future children that he would educated. At one of his night classes, Callum was drawn into conversation by a man in white. Arthur told Callum that he knew what he was which made Callum scared and panic but after Arthur told him that he meant no harm, Callum had no choice but let him talk. By the time that they were finished and Arthur had informed Callum about what he was planning, he knew that this was exactly the thing that he wanted to do and he threw himself at working for Arthur.

Present →

Callum has given up on University as he finds working at Valkyr is better then becoming a teacher. When he arrived at the headquarters, Callum was assigned the job to bring in Meta Humans that need help and this is exactly the same job that he does today. He doesn’t believe in using violence against anyone. To Callum, it doesn’t matter what they have done in their past or what they are doing, violence is never the answer to anything.

Future →

Callum wants to be able to stop the war that is going on. He doesn’t understand why everyone is fighting and thinks that it can be ended if both sides just sat down and talked. One thing he does want is for his past to be nothing but a distant memory as everyday he is plagued by memories of his parents. 

 Faceclaim → Misha Collins

GIFs → (x) (x) (x) (x)

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